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VIM/Value Investing Mentorship is an effective and exclusive way for you to learn to invest in great businesses listed in the stock market. You will learn through one-on-one mentorship instead of in groups where you have to fight for attention.

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Learn How to Pick And Grow With Great Businesses

Did you know that many of the great businesses we see around us are in the stock market - and we can easily invest in them?

Domino Pizza & Amazon are two examples that have given a high return to shareholders over the years.

Domino Pizza [19 June 2010 - 19 June 2020]: Your $10,000 would have grown to over $294,000.

Amazon [19 June 2010 - 19 June 2020]: Your $10,000 would have grown to more than $213,000.

3 Ways We Could Transform You

Here are three main reasons why you should apply for VIM. Before VIM, you could be a complete beginner in stock investing, but after VIM, you will understand stock investing much better.


Essential Life Skill

Learning how to invest (instead of a gamble) in the stock market is essential. More importantly, we are making money work hard for us, instead of us always working hard for money.


Exclusive 1:1 Mentorship

Chris will teach you value investing and options selling 1:1 instead of in groups. We will give you assignments to do (for full vim mentorship) and check on it to make sure you understand and know how to apply.


Value for Money

For effective & exclusive 1:1 mentorship, you are getting value for money offer. You can get started with as little as SGD 97/m with our VIM Mentorship Lite plan or a one-time payment of SGD 1,168 x 6 months with SGD 97/m with our VIM Full Mentorship. In comparison, a University Degree can easily cost you between $30k - $60k. A group value investing course outside can easily cost between $3k - $5k.

3 Steps to Your Membership

Here are three simple steps to your VIM membership.



To join VIM, you must have have ALL of the followings:

1. Steady income & Spare cash to invest (minimal $5k for VIM Lite Mentorship and minimal $30k for VIM Full Mentorship)
2. Believes in value investing (because that is our core teaching philosophy)
3. Experience level: Beginner/semi-experienced
4. Reason to join VIM: Want to learn to make own investment decisions & investment framework (don't believe in stock tips because it is not sustainable in the long run)
5. Character: Desire to learn & patience (to make big money, we need to continually learn & have patience as businesses take time to grow)


Learn More

Before deciding, you should learn more about the benefits of VIM & the testimonials of Chris's VIM students.


Apply VIM Lite/Full

Two simple membership options:

[1] The VIM Full Mentorship for serious learners (Only one-time payment of SGD 1,168 x 6 months with SGD 97/m [cancel anytime])

[2] The VIM Mentorship Lite for most learners (only SGD 97/m [cancel anytime]).

Get free consultation here if you fit all the criteria listed in step 1.

What our students are saying

"I have been working with Chris around value investing. And I find the 1:1 mentorship with him very productive because it guides me through the different steps. So even though I attended courses, I find that I still needed guidance to take actual action."


VP & Head for Business Planning at Prudential Singapore [Previously Head of GrabCar Plus]

"The VIM is a comprehensive and condense course in which it skips through all the “Fluff” you see on the internet and goes directly into the key information that we need to make an informed investment decision."

Jian Wei

Recent University Graduate in a Management Associate Program

"I've had the opportunity to participate in Chris's Exclusive 1:1 Mentorship program, and that is easily one of my top 5 decisions that I've ever made in life. Not only I learnt so much about investing, but Chris has helped me to come up with my own personal investing methodology with Warren Buffett's investing principles at its root."


Director at Single Family Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I start investing early?

Image source: Re-ThinkWealth.com blog article.

If you start investing earlier, you will end up with more money in the long run, given a constant annual return than someone who started later and put in more money at a later time. Why? That is because the person who started early utilize the power of compounding.

I am a beginner. Is VIM suitable for me?

Yes. It is structured through 1:1 learning sessions, the focus is one student at a time, unlike in group courses. Which means all your questions will be answered on the spot.

Is stock investing tough to learn?

You may still find it tough after reading books and watching videos online or chatting in online forums or Facebook groups. That's why we do it 1:1 - with human guidance - where your application is our sole focus. VIM - especially the full mentorships - will make investing easy for you to learn.

Who could benefit from VIM?

1. Recent University Graduate who have just started their career for 1-3 years, have spare cash saved up (minimal $30k) and want to start their investing journey properly by learning how to invest in a businesslike way with human guidance.

2. Experienced Professionals wanting to learn stock investing for even more passive income on top of their other sources of active or passive income. And they want to learn effectively and exclusively with Chris.

Where can I learn more about Chris (Founder of VIM)?

You can learn more about his track records and investment philosophies in his Re-ThinkWealth blog.

"If you start now, you'll begin seeing results one day earlier than if you start tomorrow."

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