My reflection on my Investment Return as of end Q219

I am happy that as of now I still beat the S&P 500 annual return by about 240 basis points a year ever since I embarked on this wonderful journey of value investing.

This is great news because I have learnt so many things over these past 4 years and 4 months and I am pretty confident my CAGR will increase over time.

Because I have learnt a lot from my mistakes over the past few years -- more specifically -- the importance to practice being greedy when others are fearful and being fearful when others start to be greedy.

But not only that, it is the refining of my investment principles and framework and continually testing that in real life.

Right now, I am more leaning towards making a move only when the potential reward is multiple times the risk that I will take -- that comes along with a high probability of me being right.

After all, investment is a probability game.

Of course, all my decision will be based on business related decision and not so much of market timing -- value investing is still -- and I foresee to always bee the core philosophy of my investment strategy.