February 2020 Week 2 - Chris's Take on The Future of VR

I am always intrigued by the future.

As an owner of Facebook stock, I have begun to research deeper into virtual reality. And seeing the reviews of Oculus Quest online makes me want to buy one. Unfortunately, they are not officially launched in Asia yet, so it is hard to get one.

Mark Zuckerberg, in his recent community quarterly update on January 30, 2020, mentioned that the next computing platform that he envisions to be is VR & AR.

He said that the defining characteristic of AR & VR is a sense of presence. And I agree with him. I also agree that VR & AR can have the potential to be the next computing platform - after PC and smartphones.

They have already been some slight applications of VR in the past few years with 360 degrees photos, 4D, 3D cinemas - which gives us the feeling like "we are there." 

And I think it will only get better. I think there will be increased adoption for shopping (imagine being able to try on clothes using AR & VR without actually being there), for social interactions (catching up with your friends like it's a face to face meeting) and even curing of phobias. 

At some point in time, AR & VR will also merge - especially with the application and widespread adoption of the 5G network.

At that point in time, it may be hard to know the difference between the virtual and the real world. 

I am excited about the future of VR & AR.

And I cant wait to get my hands on an Oculus Quest one day, or perhaps an even better device?