The VIM Club™ Exclusive 1:1 Lesson Plans

Your Signature Benefit - Get Started With Your First Twelve Exclusive 1:1 Private Teaching Sessions With Me

  • At least 45 to 60 minutes per session.
  • It will be based on our proven exclusive 1:1 framework of teaching (12 fast track sessions within the first 6 months [about 1 session every 2 weeks]).
  • Usually done on Weekday or Weekend Evening.
  • Would you like someone to teach you on the spot and answer all your queries live until you understand fully and know how to apply?
  • Valued at 20,000 SGD

Here Are Your Twelve Exclusive 1:1 Sessions Outline (You will also get the full downloadable video recordings of every single session):

Session 1 - Get Your Basics Right!

  • Mastering the concept of value investing
  • The pros and cons of value investing
  • Mastering the concept of options selling
  • The pros and cons of options selling

Session 2 - Understand Your Psychological Influences!

  • Mastering the concept of circle of competence
  • Mastering the concept of fear and greed

Session 3 - Know How to Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful!

  • My Five Indicators of fear and greed
  • Find Your Eleven Tools to help You to analyse companies (I will reveal to You all the tools I personally use [especially those that shorten my time analyzing companies!])

Session 4 - Out of So Many, These Are The Essential Qualitative Metric I Always Use!

  • The Essential Six Qualitative Metric I look Out for when Analyzing Stocks (Out of hundreds of metrics out there, to me, these Six are the Most Essential)

Session 5 - Out of Hundreds, These Are The Essential Seven Quantitative Metric I Always Use!

  • I will reveal to You The Essential Seven Quantitative Metric I look for when Analyzing Stocks (You will know & understand exactly what quantitative metrics and ratios I strictly use when I buy stocks & why)

Session 6 & 7 - This Stock is Undervalued or Overvalued? You Will Know!

  • Three Simple, Logical & Effective Stock Valuation Methodologies You can Use to Value Stocks (With a Step by Step Exclusive 1:1 LIVE Guidance on Understanding & Applying It)

Session 8 - Know An Opportunity When You See One!

  • Know The Nine Types of stock investment opportunities around us (You will know how to Identify and Capitalize on the Nine Potential Investment Opportunities)

Session 9 - Understanding Your Character & Measuring Results!

  • Two Main Portfolio Allocation Technique (You will know what kind of portfolio allocation is best for your character and risk profile)
  • You will learn How to measure and benchmark your stock investment return against benchmarks such as The S&P 500 or SGX

Session 10 - Application Guaranteed!

  • Step by Step Guidance on Opening a Brokerage Account
  • I will Ensure that You Will Create and refine Your Own Stock Watchlist of potential companies to buy when the price is right

Session 11 - Practice, Practice and Practice (And Putting It All Together!)

  • Started practicing executing orders on a simulation account using paper money - Through Step by Step Guidance with Me
  • You Would Have Known How to Monitor Your Investment Results Professionally
  • Putting it All Together - Five Approaches I Use to Generate Profitable Ideas!

Session 12 - Your End Goal From Joining My Exclusive 1:1 Course!

  • 100% Guarantee!
  • You would have bought a stock based on your own decisions & understanding using real money
  • You would have sold your first put or call options based on your own decisions & understanding using real money

After Your 12 exclusive 1:1 sessions with me, we will focus more on refining your own decision making skills with regard to your own thought process of making investment decision over the long run.

Your long term goal? Beat the market every single year. Make a lot of money. More money for travelling. More time for hobbies and family. Have a better life.


Benefit 1 - Get Your Starter Guide/Manual on Value Investing & Options Selling

  • Created to give you my quick insights on value investing & options selling.
  • This manual is the first step to kick-start your learning journey with me
  • Valued at 300 SGD

Benefit 2 - My Secret Personal Checklist Fully Revealed to Help You to Pick Your Stocks

  • You will get the full detailed step by step metric I look out for when I analyze stocks.
  • It will be update regularly.
  • Valued at 10,000 SGD

Benefit 3 - Get My Valuation Calculator

  • I will teach you how to understand and use them, step-by-step.
  • I created this calculator to use to value stocks (it will be constantly updated).
  • Get the exact calculator I use to decide at what price I should buy and sell my stocks at.
  • Valued at 3,000 SGD

Benefit 4 - Your Unlimited Mentorship With Me

  • Via My Personal WhatsApp, Telegram or Email.
  • Anytime and anywhere, if you have any questions, I will be there to answer.
  • Valued at 10,000 SGD

Benefit 5 - Get One New Stock Case Study Every Month

  • Your new monthly case study is split into 4 sections. 
  • [1] Chosen company
  • [2] company analysis (focus: business model & sustainability)
  • [3] competitors analysis (focus: relative competitive advantage)
  • [4] determine valuation & conclusion. 
  • Valued at 10,000 SGD

Benefit 6 - Get One New Insight Every Week (Now w. Graded Quiz Inside!)

  • To give you new actionable insights & things to reflect on every week.
  • As well as to check in on you.
  • Valued at 2,000 SGD

Benefit 7 - See What Stocks I am Looking at via Your Access to My Watchlist

  • List of stocks that I am currently looking at.
  • It will be updated on a monthly basis.
  • Valued at 5,000 SGD

Benefit 8 - Unlock Your Access to Know All My Current Stock Holdings

  • Updated every month.
  • You will know exactly what stocks I own.
  • And my percentage of holdings in each of them.
  • I am very transparent about it.
  • Valued at 7,000 SGD

Benefit 9 - Learn From My Investment Performance and Private Reflections

  • You get to learn from my successes and mistakes so you may save hundreds of thousands of dollars from making your own.
  • You do not have to make the same mistakes like me.
  • Valued at 5,000 SGD

Benefit 10 - Get Your Personalized Certificate of Membership

  • Get a certificate after you complete all twelve 1:1 sessions with me.
  • With your unique serial number and your name.
  • Valued at 700 SGD

Benefit 11 - Get ALL Past Contents in Our Membership Site

  • Our membership site allows you to learn, while commuting.
  • Download all our past contents - your tools, checklists, reading materials and many more.
  • So you can start taking action every day.
  • Valued at 2,000 SGD

Benefit 12 - Last but not least, Be a Part of Our Niche High Quality Value Investing Community

  • You have your Telegram Chatroom and Facebook Group that for members to discuss value investing ideas.
  • While we do not talk a lot (because in long term investing, we do not need daily chatters), but when we do talk, your queries are answered quickly.
  • Valued at 1,000 SGD

"Currently in VIM Club™ , we have doctors, executive director of banks, high ranking officials in multi-national companies, entrepreneurs, investors, VPs and Head of a business division in a 34 billion dollar insurance company and our community is still growing." - Chris Lee Susanto



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The Flow of the 1 to 1 Teaching Sessions:

1) You will receive a Zoom link via whatsapp or telegram when it is time for your session

2) We will go through each session according to the lesson plans listed in 1 to 1 lessons plan

i. At the start of each session, we will do a brief recap of last lesson and set out the date and time for the next session.

ii. Per year cycle, the student can only cancel or postpone a maximum of 2 times after they have fixed the timing for each session. If the student have not finished his or her assignment at least 1 day before the session, the session has to be postponed. Any cancellation or postponement after 2 times in a year will be deemed as a session done.

3) After each session, you will receive an updated google docs containing:

i. The contents we have gone through in each of the session

ii. Actionable steps, assignments or/and 1-3 key questions for you to ponder, reflect, dive deeper & answer. This is to ensure that we have a common understanding of the principles taught. You will let me know via whatsapp after you have answered it.

iii. A link to download the video recording of each session


So in summary, on Top of the Above 1 to 1 Teaching Sessions, You Will Also Have:

1) An unlimited mentorship with me via these communications tool:

Email: [email protected] (for deep question)

WhatsApp: +65 83946824 (for quick question)

Telegram: @chris_susanto (for quick question)

2) An established routine of benefits to keep you accountable:

Weekly check-ins via email by Chris to remind you and keep you accountable on your actions and applications.

3) Contents that you can read and reflect on:

Weekly value investing insight (48 insights a year)

Monthly stock case study (12 case study a year)

4) A list of value investing videos, books and blogs I recommend you to read and watch.