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  4. The VIM Club 1-to-1 Sessions Structure

During the first year of the course with me, these are what we will be going through:

The transfer of knowledge is the first part. This is to recap on the foundations of value investing & options selling. It will be done in 8 sessions over the course of 4 months (2 sessions each month).

The second part is about the actions. It will revolve mainly on creating and refining your stock watchlist and practicing analysing companies. This will be done from session 9 to 11 (about 1.5 months).

The third and final part is about the applications. By session number 12 and beyond, you should already be able to analyse your own companies and make your own investment decisions that will bring you good investment results.

Overall, completing all the 3 parts will take us about 6 months of 2 sessions per month for a grand total of 12 sessions.

After the 12 sessions, we will focus more on refining your own decision making skills with regard to your investment over the long run. Monitoring what matters - which is your investment returns based on your own decision will be the focus for our learning and improvements for decades to come.

1st Part - Knowledge

Session 1

  • Concept of value investing
  • The pros and cons of value investing
  • Concept of options selling
  • The pros and cons of options selling

Session 2

  • Concept of circle of competence
  • Concept of fear and greed

Session 3

  • Indicators of fear and greed
  • Tools to help us to analyse companies

Session 4

  • Qualitative analysis of companies

Session 5

  • Quantitative analysis of companies

Session 6 & 7

  • Stock valuation methodologies

Session 8

  • The different type of stock investment opportunities around us

Session 9

  • Portfolio allocation
  • How to measure and benchmark your stock investment return against the S&P 500 or SGX using XIRR methodology

2nd Part - Actions

Session 10

  • Opened the right brokerage account
  • Created and refined your own stock watchlist of potential companies to buy when the price is right

Session 11

  • Started practicing executing orders on a simulation account using paper money
  • Monitor your investment results using XIRR methodology (know your first initial investment and update it every quarter)

3rd Part - Applications

Session 12

  • Bought your first stock based on your own decisions using real money
  • Sold your first put or call options based on your own decisions using real money

The Flow of the 1 to 1 Teaching Sessions:

1) You will receive a Zoom link via whatsapp or telegram when it is time for your session

2) We will go through each session according to the lesson plan listed in the expectations framework.

i. At the start of each session, we will do a brief recap of last lesson and set out the date and time for the next session.

ii. Per year cycle, the student can only cancel or postpone a maximum of 2 times after they have fixed the timing for each session. If the student have not finished his or her assignment at least 1 day before the session, the session has to be postponed. Any cancellation or postponement after 2 times in a year will be deemed as a session done.

3) After each session, you will receive an updated google docs containing:

i. The contents we have gone through in each of the session

ii. Actionable steps, assignments or/and 1-3 key questions for you to ponder, reflect, dive deeper & answer. This is to ensure that we have a common understanding of the principles taught. You will let me know via whatsapp after you have answered it.

iii. A link to download the video recording of each session

On Top of the Above 1 to 1 Teaching Sessions, You Will Also Have:

1) An unlimited mentorship with me via these communications tool:

Email: (for deep question)

WhatsApp: +65 83946825 (for quick question)

Telegram: @chris_susanto (for quick question)

2) An established routine of benefits to keep you accountable:

Weekly check-ins by Chris to remind you and keep you accountable on your actions and applications.

3) Contents that you can read and reflect on:

Weekly value investing insight (48 insights a year)

Monthly stock case study (12 case study a year)

4) A list of value investing videos, books and blogs I recommend you to read and watch when you are free displayed in the next lecture