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This is 1 course that guarantees application using real money to invest in stocks. Using value investing and options selling principles. In maximum 1 year time. Or your money back.

No "copy shamelessly". No "get rich quick secrets".

You will learn how to make your own investment decisions in the stock market that is best suited for your character.

Learn Value Investing & Options Selling 1-To-1 to Get Estimated 10-15% Return From Stocks Yearly!

Chris Manages a 6-Figure Stocks Portfolio & Has Consistently Beaten The S&P 500 Ever Since He Started Investing in The Stock Market.

Chris class size is 1. So your application is guaranteed or you get your money back. Duration is 1 year which is long enough for deep learning.


Other courses class size is usually around 10 to 50 pax. So your application is never guaranteed. Its hard to make sure all 10 to 50 students really apply what they had learnt. Duration is usually 3 to 4 days which is short.

This is a course for those interested in learning "how to fish" (how to make your own stock picking decision) [more sustainable for you over the long run]. Not for those who "just want to get the fish" (get stock tips) [dangerous].

Who is This Course For?

For Singaporeans who have 0 experience in stock investing. Or some experience in stock investing. And is looking to learn value investing and options selling to sustainably generate & grow their income & wealth for decades to come (est. 10-15% return yearly). Believes in long-term time horizon (at least 3 years) and using only spare cash (not borrowed money) to invest. Believes that the most effective way to truly learn AND apply knowledge is through 1 to 1 mentorship.

This Course is Not for People Who

Are looking for stock tips. Only want the "get rich quick" secret sauce (there are none). Are lazy to learn and make their own investment decisions.

What is Value Investing?

Value Investing is a stock investing methodology that is practiced by many successful investors and some of the wealthiest people in the world such as Warren Buffett.

In Value Investing, you are essentially buying stocks — which essentially is a part ownership in a business — that is worth $1 for 50 cents (this is just an analogy). There are many reasons why you can buy a stock that is worth $1 for 50 cents.

One of the reason is that many stock investors do not understand what they are buying or selling — they simply buy and sell stocks based on hot tips or based on chart patterns.

That forces them (at times) to sell a good stock at a cheap price.

In which, the practitioners of value investing will take advantage of that by buying the stock they sold.

“Value investing in fundamentally different from stocks trading.While the latter focuses more on price movements and other technical indicators, the former focuses on analysing the business behind the stocks and buying the stocks at a cheap price relative to the business value. This is done by first determining the rough intrinsic value of the business.” – Chris Lee Susanto

Read the full article that I wrote in Value Walk on what value investing is by clicking here.

What is Options Selling?

Options selling is something that we can make use of. Once we understood and know how to apply value investing. Options selling can be very risky if one do not know how to apply it correctly.

Options are a form of derivative -- financial instruments whose price is derived from other underlying financial instruments -- In the case of options; their prices are derived from stocks.

Not all stock market allows options trading.

For example, we cannot sell options in Singapore stock market, but we can sell options in the United States stock market.

Options selling is like providing insurance contract to people, and in return, we receive a premium from them.

That premium we received from selling options is the cash flows that we generate.

You can read an article about options selling by Fidelity by clicking here.

Your Instructor

Chris Lee Susanto
Chris Lee Susanto

Chris started investing in Singapore and U.S. stock market utilizing value investing & options selling strategies when he was just 21 years old.

His hobbies include watching meaningful movies, eating good food (especially spicy ones!) and catching up with friends over a good cup of coffee. He also loves reading. Some of his favorite books include The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Principles by Ray Dalio. For news source, he likes CNN, Channel News Asia and Straits Times. He is also subscribed to The Wall Street Journal and read it daily.

As of the end of Quarter 3 of 2018, he manages a Value focused U.S. stocks six-figure portfolio - making 25.84% annualized IRR since inception (March 1, 2015) from capital gains, dividends and options premiums beating the S&P 500 annualized IRR of just 13.26%. He tracks his return on a quarterly basis.

In the year 2015 at just the age of 22, he established - a blog where he often shares USA based value investing insights and options strategies.

He also guests blog in renowned U.S. fund focused investing websites such as Value Walk and Singapore investing sites such as The New Savvy, Investment Moats, Forever Financial Freedom and Dollars and Sense.

In 2017, he was invited to share his insights on the art of value investing for students from Strategos in NUS Tembusu College and on entrepreneurship and investment for a graduating Diploma in Business cohort at Singapore Polytechnic.

In 2018, he was invited to be a mentor in the Youth Innovation Challenge organised by Singapore Management University (SMU) Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and to Singapore Polytechnic to talk to a group of graduating Banking students on How Traditional Investments Vehicle/System Will Be Further Disrupted by Fintech.

He was also featured in the NUS Investment Society Year Book in 2018 sharing about his experience applying value investing to generate above market returns. He was featured along with David Gerald, Founder, President & CEO of Securities Investors Association (SIAS, Singapore).

His focus today is on running The Value Investing Mentorship Club well, starting a hedge fund focusing on value investing & options selling and of course, to deliver Alpha sustainably.

"Chris's 1 to 1 mentorship has changed my life financially for the better. So far I have made over 20% in just 1 stock that I invested in. The profit that I got easily covered multiple times the fees I invested in the club. Chris is a passionate value investor. It is evident in the work that he put in for his members." - Jess Liu, Executive Director, DBS Treasury & Markets

By joining this course, you will enter an exclusive club called the Value Investing Mentorship (VIM) Club. You will get 1-to-1 mentorship with Chris who had achieved a consistent 25.84% annual compounded return so far from the U.S. stock market. beating the S&P 500 annualized return of 13.26% since March 1,2015. And complete with all the tools and data you need to save you time and learn effectively.

The purpose of the club is for members to be able to learn to make their own investment decisions. Utilizing the right value investing & options selling mindset & strategies.

From The Desk of Chris Lee Susanto
Chris Lee Pte Ltd
Monday Morning 10:52am

Hi everyone, my name is Chris Lee Susanto. But you can just call me Chris!

When I was around 21 years of age, I started to fall in love with value investing. Value investing is a close to a century old proven strategy. Commonly used by the world's most successful investor, Warren Buffett (USD 85.5B net worth as of 31 March 2018).

Back then, I started investing in U.S. and SG stock market with my 4 figure savings. I saved the 4 figure savings from my part time work in sales (I worked hard and saved a lot).

And I started to make money in more than 90% of the stocks I bought and sold. I managed to do that by using this method called value investing. This method seems so logical to me. And at the same time, equally exciting.

Investing is so dynamic. Because it is a combination of both art and science. We do not need a high IQ to be able to invest well. What we need is a combination of a good heart (emotional control) and a good enough brain (common sense).

In 2015, I started to pen down my investment journey in a personal blog at You can check out some of my writings there (go ahead! I pen down my reflections and results there out of pure passion in investing. I realized that the more I write, the clearer my thinking becomes. And the better my investing decision and thought process gets. It is only through regular reflections that we can be a better investor.Throughout the years, I made lots of money as a teenager who simply follows a proven structure known as value investing.

By 24, I Am Already Managing Over US$150K

What do you think stock investing is really about? To me, it is simply a structured process of knowing what business we understand. Sticking to the business we understand. Analyzing that business, valuing it and after we have conviction, buy it.

Then, managing our emotions by being patient. It is about understanding the fact that humans are emotional creatures.

Just to share with you as a gift for reading this page, one of the framework that I use is called the Charlie Munger's two-track analysis. It is essentially a thinking process that Charlie (Berkshire Hathaway VP) goes through when thinking about investment.

"Personally, I've gotten so that I now use a kind of two-track analysis. First, what are the factors that really govern the interests involved, rationally considered? And second, what are the subconscious influences where the brain at a subconscious level is automatically doing these things – which by and large are useful but often malfunction?" - Charlie Munger

The key to the two-track analysis is simply to be aware of:

1) The logical assumption at play.

2) And the emotional assumption at play.

Hence, being self-aware is one of the key to successful investing.

Over The Years, Many Asked Me to Teach Them Stock Investing

Many of my friends started asking me to teach them stock investing. Using value investing
. Because they saw the good results I got from doing it. But I told them that my focus is ultimately to set up a value equity fund. So, I decided to teach 1 on 1 (with limited intake) and purely through online means. This takes is more flexible. More importantly, it will be more effective than teaching in groups.

While at the same time, I can focus on continuous learning to be a better investor. This way, I can pass on my learning continuously to those who have signed up for my 1 to 1 teaching course at the VIM Club.

My Investing Style

I like to invest in beaten down companies. Somehow, it usually pays a huge dividend. But well and safely covered by ample free cash flows. This method requires us to focus a lot on the payout ratio of a company.

Payout ratio is an important metric for us to understand as value investors. It is a simple yet useful metric to analyse a company's dividend paying ability. And whether it is overstretching itself as a company.

Payout ratio is simply put - the percentage of net income that the company pays out as dividends to its shareholders. A payout ratio of 30% for a company simply means that the company is paying out 30% of its net income as dividends to its shareholders.

For example, in one of the ideas I invested in, I averaged down on the company at $16 and that represents an annual dividend yield of around 9.5% at that price. The dividend yield may seem high - but its payout ratio is only 50%. That means that they are not overstretching their payment ability at the current 9.5% annual yield. This also means that by paying 9.5% dividend yield, they still have about half of their net income to save up as retained earnings to reinvest in the business in the future or simply save it as cash.

So payout ratio is an important metric for value investors to look at because for people like me, I appreciate dividend as an income. While waiting for my capital gains to come.

I Leverage on Options Selling for More Cash

I love options selling because it is a leverage to give us additional cash flow. The foundation of options selling is that we must master value investing first.

There is a very good article written in Guru Focus talking about why Warren Buffett do options selling. Selling put options is Warren Buffett secret weapon.

The article mentions that Buffett in April 1993 sold 30,000 contracts of Coca Cola stock that will expire in December 17, 1993 at the strike price of $35 for $1.50 of premiums per stock.

After that, he added 20,000 more contracts. In total, he got paid $7.5 billion in cash up front.

If the stock stays above $35 on December 17, he gets to keep the cash and if it drops below $35, he will purchase the stock effectively at $33.50.

Here's an example that shed even more light on how and why Buffett sold put options:

"Our put contracts total $37.1 billion (at current exchange rates) and are spread among four major indices: the S&P 500 in the U.S., the FTSE 100 in the U.K., the Euro Stoxx 50 in Europe, and the Nikkei 225 in Japan. Our first contract comes due on September 9, 2019 and our last on January 24, 2028. We have received premiums of $4.9 billion, money we have invested. We, meanwhile, have paid nothing, since all expiration dates are far in the future. Nonetheless, we have used Black- Scholes valuation methods to record a yearend liability of $10 billion, an amount that will change on every reporting date. The two financial items – this estimated loss of $10 billion minus the $4.9 billion in premiums we have received – means that we have so far reported a mark-to-market loss of $5.1 billion from these contracts.

One point about our contracts that is sometimes not understood: For us to lose the full $37.1 billion we have at risk, all stocks in all four indices would have to go to zero on their various termination dates. If, however – as an example – all indices fell 25% from their value at the inception of each contract, and foreign-exchange rates remained as they are today, we would owe about $9 billion, payable between 2019 and 2028. Between the inception of the contract and those dates, we would have held the $4.9 billion premium and earned investment income on it." - Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett usually sells a long term dated options. It is usually 6 months or more. And he uses the cash proceeds to generate investment returns.

I will make sure you know how to apply options selling if you join my course.

The United States Stock Market is The Place to Be

By total market capitalization, number of trading activities and other factors such as transparency and corporate governance, U.S. stock market consistently ranks number 1 in the world. Most of the truly great companies in the world are also listed in The US stock market. And as an investor, we want to invest in great businesses. So I know the U.S. stock market is the way to go. Plus, you can only easily sell options in U.S. stock market.

Is Stock Market a Place to Get Rich Quick?

I want to implore to everyone that... it is not.

In fact, investing in the stock market can be a way for us to get poor quick if we do not understand what we are doing.

If I were doing a typical marketing message, I might sell you the idea that you will get rich quick if you join me. But I'd rather tell you the truth, it wont be quick and it's not a 100% guarantee.

Fortunately, the 1 to 1 aspect of this educational solution will allow you to apply the knowledge with more certainty. As compared if you join a course whereby 1 trainer will teach 10-50 students all at once.

Some Principles When I Educate

1. Never ever borrow money to invest. Without a doubt, many people got rich through the use of borrowed money. But that is also a way to be very poor. When leverage goes your way, it magnifies your gain. And seldom people will retreat to a more conservative practice after profiting from their wonders. But we only know who is swimming naked only when the tide goes out don't we?

2. I do not give you stock tips. Instead, I teach you how to make your own decision on which stocks to buy. When to buy them and when to sell them. You take full accountability (more sustainable for you over the long run).

3. Knowing our circle of competence is more important than how big our circle is. The key is on deciding what companies or sectors to invest in.

4. Importance of margin of safety. As espoused by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Seth Klarman, margin of safety is an important concept for both buying and selling stocks that I hope to impart to all of you. Applying it is definitely harder than understanding it. I have applied it and I wish to share my experience with you and how you can apply it too.

5. Making Profits leveraging on the Fear and Greed in the stock market. Warren Buffett once said that as an investor, we should be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” The application of this is harder than it looks, I will teach you how I make lots of money utilizing fear and greed in the stock market.

Decided to Create a High-Quality Online Value Investing Community

Where I teach members 1-to-1.

"Currently in The Value Investing Mentorship Club, we have doctors, executive director of banks, high ranking officials in multi-national companies, entrepreneurs, investors, VPs and Head of a business division in a 34 billion dollar insurance company and our community is still growing." - Chris Lee Susanto

Why Join The Value Investing Mentorship Club?

1. When you sign up for stock investment courses outside, you may not apply the knowledge you learnt. Why? Because nobody is guiding you and keeping you accountable. So you go back to your day to day life. And waste the money you spent for the course. Because you did not apply it.

With outside courses or other online courses, there is not enough human factor to guide you to really apply the knowledge you learnt. They do not have much time for you. And I understand. It's because outside courses have thousands of existing graduates. Outside courses thinks about scale. They teach 10 to 50 students at once. And the teacher might not be able to take care of so many people's queries.

2. You are busy. So maximize your time. The sessions with me are flexible.

I will prepare the materials for you. All you need to do is watch the screen, listen and ask questions live. It will be just you and me. I will teach you how to analyze the facts that matter for you. So you can make your own decision in the stock market efficiently.

Do not let your job/business interfere with your financial freedom. Leverage on my mentorship to cover your lack of time.

3. I don't upsell. There are companies out there who will annoyingly upsell you "more premium" products after you joined. I will not. Our price is all-in.When you sign up for this club, you are signing up for a peace of mind.

4. I deliver more results. With me, you get 1 to 1 attention. And ultimately, more results. Because 1 to 1 is more effective for your learning.

5. Investing is my lifelong passion. That is why I track my portfolio results on a quarterly basis. And I make it transparent for my members to see. You get to learn about my successes and model after them. And also my mistakes, so you do not make the same one.

6. The slot for this club is limited. This is to ensure that I can focus on giving good teachings for existing members. According to the framework I created for them. I think this kind of focus is very important. And it is only fair that I do this.

7. Because believe me, the human touch point is really very important. Having me as your discussion partner will save you potentially thousands of dollars of mistakes you can make on your own. Not to mention, the accelerated learning curve that you are going to have. Through the multiple 1 to 1 teaching/discussion sessions with me.

8. I focus a lot on sharing with you real life practical investment experience. Here are some examples of the stock I invested in and the returns I got:

a. Mobile Telesystems. I invested in this Russian telecommunications that gave me at that point in time probably about 10+% annual dividend yield. Overall, made over 25% in total return for this stock inclusive of dividends, options premium and capital gains.

b. Keryx Biopharmaceuticals. This is one of the investment for me that revolves more around the qualitative metric of the company and the potential future earnings after the initial loss-making growth stage. Also invested in this company back then due to the majority shareholder being a famous value investor called Seth Klarman. Made over 70% in this company inclusive of capital gains and options premiums (really huge for this one).

c. GameStop. A cigar butt investing play of mine that has begun to bear fruits after holding it and averaging down on it for over a year now. And while waiting, it gave me about 9% dividend yield before tax and lots of options premiums along the way. I was right about the fact that it was too cheap for a company generating huge amounts of free cash flow with manageable debt. As of September 2018, they are exploring a possibility of a sale to a private equity firm. Consist of close to 30+% of my portfolio at one time.

d. Qualcomm. I first bought Qualcomm back in 24 January 2017 when it was first sued by Apple. My average purchase price is $53.48. As of September 2018, it is already above $70. A good more than 30% capital gains and still holding. Meanwhile getting good dividends and options premiums.

Benefits of Joining
The Value Investing Mentorship Club

12 1-TO-1 PRIVATE TEACHING SESSIONS (30 to 60 minutes each session). It will be based on our proven framework of teaching (12 fast track sessions within the first 6 months). Usually done on Weekend Evening. Would you like someone to teach you on the spot and answer all your queries live until you understand fully? - Valued at 10,000 SGD

During the first year of the course with me, these are what we will be going through:

The transfer of knowledge is the first part. This is to recap on the foundations of value investing & options selling. It will be done in 8 sessions over the course of 4 months (2 sessions each month).

The second part is about the actions. It will revolve mainly on creating and refining your stock watchlist and practicing analysing companies. This will be done from session 9 to 11 (about 1.5 months).

The third and final part is about the applications. By session number 12 and beyond, you should already be able to analyse your own companies and make your own investment decisions that will bring you good investment results.

Overall, completing all the 3 parts will take us about 6 months of 2 sessions per month for a grand total of 12 sessions.

After the 12 sessions, we will focus more on refining your own decision making skills with regard to your investment over the long run. Monitoring what matters - which is your investment returns based on your own decision will be the focus for our learning and improvements for decades to come.

1st Part - Knowledge

Session 1

  • Concept of value investing
  • The pros and cons of value investing
  • Concept of options selling
  • The pros and cons of options selling

Session 2

  • Concept of circle of competence
  • Concept of fear and greed

Session 3

  • Indicators of fear and greed
  • Tools to help us to analyse companies

Session 4

  • Qualitative analysis of companies

Session 5

  • Quantitative analysis of companies

Session 6 & 7

  • Stock valuation methodologies

Session 8

  • The different type of stock investment opportunities around us

Session 9

  • Portfolio allocation
  • How to measure and benchmark your stock investment return against the S&P 500 or SGX using XIRR methodology

2nd Part - Actions

Session 10

  • Opened the right brokerage account
  • Created and refined your own stock watchlist of potential companies to buy when the price is right

Session 11

  • Started practicing executing orders on a simulation account using paper money
  • Monitor your investment results using XIRR methodology (know your first initial investment and update it every quarter)

3rd Part - Applications

Session 12

  • Bought your first stock based on your own decisions using real money
  • Sold your first put or call options based on your own decisions using real money

-> See more details about the 1 to 1 sessions flow by clicking here.

WEEKLY VALUE INVESTING INSIGHTS & CHECK-INS (48 insights & Check-in in a year). To give you new actionable insights on value investing every week. As well as to check in on you. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

MONTHLY STOCK CASE STUDY (12 case study a year). The case study is split into 4 sections. [1] Chosen company, [2] company analysis (focus: business model & sustainability), [3] competitors analysis (focus: relative competitive advantage), [4] determine valuation & conclusion. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

MY PRIVATE STOCK PICKING CHECKLIST. You will get the full list of qualitative and quantitative metric I look out for when I analyze stocks. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

ACCESS TO MY SECRET STOCK WATCHLIST (Singapore, U.S. & HK stocks). These are lists of stocks that I am currently looking at. It will be updated on a monthly basis. These are companies that I could potentially buy. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

MY CURRENT STOCK HOLDINGS DETAILS. Updated every month. You will know exactly what stocks I own. And my percentage of holdings in each of them. I am very transparent about it. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

MY INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE AND PRIVATE REFLECTIONS. Learn from my successes and mistakes. You do not have to make the mistakes on your own. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

THE RE-THINKWEALTH VALUE INVESTING & OPTIONS SELLING MANUAL. Created to give you my quick insights on value investing & options selling. This manual also serves as a way to kick-start your learning journey with me. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

MY PROPRIETARY VALUATION CALCULATOR. The calculator I created and used to value stocks. I used this proprietary calculator to decide at what price I should buy and sell my stocks at. I will teach you how to understand and use them. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

UNLIMITED 24/7 MENTORSHIP via WhatsApp, Telegram or Email. Anytime and anywhere, you have any questions, I will be there to answer. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

PERSONALIZED CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP. With unique serial number and your name - Valued at 5,000 SGD

FREE ACCESS TO ALL PAST CONTENTS IN THIS ONLINE PLATFORM. Over 30 value investing insights and 15 monthly stock case study ready for you to start rocking. Start taking action today. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

HIGH QUALITY VALUE INVESTING COMMUNITY. We have Telegram Chatroom and Facebook Group that is open for members to discuss value investing ideas. While we do not talk a lot (because in long term investing, we do not need daily chatters), but when we do talk, queries are answered quickly. Sometimes, we will also organize a gathering session in Singapore to discuss investing. With no extra charge. - Valued at 5,000 SGD

"Currently in The Value Investing Mentorship Club, we have doctors, executive director of banks, high ranking officials in multi-national companies, entrepreneurs, investors, VPs and Head of a business division in a 34 billion dollar insurance company and our community is still growing." - Chris Lee Susanto


YOUR INVESTMENT = ONLY 3,000 SGD (1-Time Fee [Installment Plan Available]) + 1,999 SGD (Yearly Subscription [Cancel Anytime]).

Our price increases after every 10 students enroll.

Note: Most courses outside charge in the range of 3,400 to 4,500 sgd just for 3 to 4 days of training with 10-50 students all at once. Mine is 1-To-1.

See Class Curriculum Below

To see what I had published for my students so far. The lessons are all online. It is updated regularly. Every week, new weekly value investing insights. Every month, new stock case study write up and video. Feel free to preview some of the contents. With our high-quality online platform, you are empowered to learn anywhere.

Class Curriculum

  Course Benefit #2 - Your Weekly Actionable Value Investing Insight
Available in days
days after you enroll

Hear It From Me My Existing Students!

"Despite having >15yrs stock invest experience, I needed guidance to stay focused in order to learn more about value investing. Chris's newsletters and his personalized training can be of great help to beginners & matured investors." - Ravikumar, Quality Manager from leading US semiconductor MNC

"Chris has been an invaluable value investing mentor for me personally. His rigorous methodology of analysing stocks along with his weekly and monthly newsletters have already helped me generate a tidy profit since I bought my first stock!" - Pang Sheng Wei, Data Scientist

"The very 1st article that I read word-to-word, written by him was on MBT. Then KERX, and most recently GME. I can imagine the tremendous amount of work and effort he poured in relentlessly for each case study. And his analytical precision is admirable. Chris has been very generous and sincere in imparting his well-versed knowledge in stock investing! Can definitely learn a lot from him and count on him to guide you on your baby steps into investing!" - Darren, Doctor

Click Below to Hear What Matthew, an Advisor at Aurora Asset Management Has To Say!

"I've been joining Chris's class for more than a year now and i have profit between 20-40% of my stocks already and the best thing about chris's class is how simple he taught me about stocks. You don't need to be smart or anything, all you need to do is follow Chris's methods and it works for me!" - Listen the full excerpt of his testimonial below!

Click Below to Hear What Sherwin, VP & Head for Business Planning at Prudential Singapore (Previously Head of GrabCar Plus) Has To Say!

"I find the 1-to-1 mentorship with Chris very productive because it guides me through the different steps. Even though I attended courses before I still need a bit of guidance to take actual action in putting money in stocks." - Listen the full excerpt of his testimonial below!

Chris's students like Sherwin above have taken action. And they have gotten great results (and lots of money). You? Ready to Go To The Next Level? Ready to STOP Procrastinating?

"Ultimately, there's one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself," Buffett says in an interview with Forbes. "Nobody can take away what you've got in yourself, and everybody has potential they haven't used yet."

Too much money have been wasted attending value investing & options selling courses in Singapore. It is wasted because most do not do anything after the course. Just like Sherwin who had attended a course outside before he joined my mentorship. He had not applied what he had learnt from the course outside, after the course outside had ended. Why? Lack of 1-to-1 attention. And they only last 2 to 4 days. Why courses outside don't do 1-to-1 sessions? It takes up more time and they get less money as a whole in return. And why I do it? Let's just say that I prefer to make a positive difference to 1 person at a time. I'd rather teach 1 person and that 1 person is guaranteed to apply value investing and options selling well. Rather than teach 10-50 people at once and in the end only 1 or 2 really understand and apply it.

I know that investing 3,000 SGD (1-Time Fee for membership joining fee & 12 1-to-1 sessions fee [Installment Plan Available]) + 1,999 SGD (Yearly Subscription [Cancel Anytime]) for the rest of the benefits for a 1 year course may feel expensive. Understand that you are paying for the 1-to-1 attention and sessions. After the 12 1-to-1 sessions, you are guaranteed to apply value investing and options selling well. This is not a claim that other course providers can provide. Because for me, in each of the 1-to-1 sessions, you will have assignments to do. And me to check on it. This way, I will know exactly whether you understand or not. And explain it on a 1-to-1 basis until you do. The whole process takes 1 year (1st 6 months for the 12 1-to-1 sessions). This is my unique selling point. Most courses outside charge in the range of 3,400 to 4,500 sgd just for 3 to 4 days of training with 10-50 students all at once. The small amount of extra money you are paying for my 1-to-1 course guarantees your application. It will be worth it. I will teach you how to be rich change your life. If you are willing to take action.

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  • Understand why investing in the stock market is different from gambling
  • Understand why investing in the stock market can be a reliable way to generate income for you and your family for decades to come with little risk involved

Before you claim your free trial, please make sure that you fit into these criteria:

  • Singaporeans who have 0 experience in stock investing
  • Looking to learn a way to sustainably generate & grow their income & wealth for decades to come
  • Believes in long-term time horizon (at least 3 years) and using only spare cash (not borrowed money) to invest
  • Believes that the most effective way to truly learn AND apply value investing and options selling is through 1 to 1 mentorship
  • Not aiming to be looking for stock tips
  • Not looking for the "get rich quick" secret sauce (there are none)
  • Not lazy to learn and make own investment decisions
  • Have spare cash for the 1 year course with me (500 sgd x 6 months (1-time membership joining fee & 12 1-to-1 sessions fee) plus 1,999 sgd yearly subscription fee for the rest of the benefits [can cancel anytime])

"Currently in The Value Investing Mentorship Club, we have doctors, executive director of banks, high ranking officials in multi-national companies, entrepreneurs, investors, VPs and Head of a business division in a 34 billion dollar insurance company and our community is still growing." - Chris Lee Susanto

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Our Community Managers

Bryan is an analyst at an investment firm, and has been in the finance industry for 2 years. Having completed all three levels of the CFA examinations, he is currently in the process of gaining work experience to be a CFA charterholder.

He started investing in 2015, and favours a sector agnostic and long term value investing approach. He has investments in the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong markets, and offers both technical and practical perspectives to investing. He enjoys employing financial and statistical models in building investment cases, and also enjoys thinking about where the next ten-bagger might potentially come from.

Hansen is an entrepreneur and a second generation family member of his family business back in Indonesia. He manages half a million dollar portfolio focusing mainly on US dividend stocks employing value investing philosophies.

In summary, here are the steps to be a member of The Value Investing Mentorship Club:

1. You know a little bit about value investing (vi) and options selling (OS)

2. You have 0 experience in applying VI & OS to invest in the stock market using real money

3. Internally, you are hungry to take action

4. Sign up for the free trial call by clicking here

5. Make payment securely

6. Arrange a date and time for our on-boarding call and 1st session

7. Sign in to your online platform

8. Download your personal checklist to pick stocks, value investing & options selling manual/starter guide, my proprietary valuation calculator, XIRR excel sheet to measure your return and Warren Buffett stock investing checklist

9. Read up on the videos, books, blogs and research resources I recommend

10. Read up on all of your past weekly value investing insights, monthly stock case studies and newsletters

11. Do not put in a single cent into the stock market until you are done with your first 12 sessions of 1 to 1 in depth coaching call with me and you are comfortable with making your own decisions in the stock market

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