Value investing mentorship
value investing mentorship

Don't Gamble Your Hard-Earned Money. Learn How to Invest in Stocks Safely and Sustainably -- And Use The Skill For Life. Including in The Current COVID-19 Pandemic Opportunity!

VIM/Value Investing Mentorship is an effective and exclusive way for you to learn to invest in great businesses listed in the stock market. You will learn The 4M1S Growth Framework we created through one-on-one mentorship (yes, really one-to-one) instead of in groups where it's less effective.

Here are eight reasons from a third-party website on why one-on-one teaching benefits students more.

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Learn The Inner Workings of A Great Investor Using The 4M1S Growth Framework We Created (Feel free to download the 4M1S Growth Framework here)

The 4M1S Growth Framework

Did you know that many of the great businesses we see around us are in the stock market - and we can easily invest in them?

Domino Pizza & Amazon are two examples that have given a high return to shareholders over the years.

value investing mentorship

Domino Pizza [19 June 2010 - 19 June 2020]: Your $10,000 would have grown to over $294,000.

value investing mentorship

Amazon [19 June 2010 - 19 June 2020]: Your $10,000 would have grown to more than $213,000.

What our students are saying

"I have been working with Chris around value investing. And I find the 1:1 mentorship with him very productive because it guides me through the different steps. So even though I attended courses, I find that I still needed guidance to take actual action."


VP & Head for Business Planning at Prudential Singapore [Previously Head of GrabCar Plus]

"The VIM is a comprehensive and condense course in which it skips through all the “Fluff” you see on the internet and goes directly into the key information that we need to make an informed investment decision."

Jian Wei

Recent University Graduate in a Management Associate Program

"I've had the opportunity to participate in Chris's Exclusive 1:1 Mentorship program, and that is easily one of my top 5 decisions that I've ever made in life. Not only I learnt so much about investing, but Chris has helped me to come up with my own personal investing methodology with Warren Buffett's investing principles at its root."


Director at Single Family Office

Value investing mentorship
Image source: NUS Invest Yearbook

VIM Mentorship Monthly Benefits

One New Stock Case Study Every Month

Monthly Mastermind Discussions After The Signature Twelve One-on-One Sessions (Coming soon)

Chris's Weekly Take

Chris Proprietary Valuation Calculator

Unlimited 1:1 Mentorship via WhatsApp, Telegram and Email After The Signature Twelve One-on-One Sessions

Starter Guide on value investing & options selling

Secret Personal Checklist

Access to Chris's Watchlist

Access to Chris's Current Stock Portfolio

Learn From Chris's Reflection

Certificate of Membership

Get ALL Past Contents Instantly Upon joining

Members Chatroom

VIM Mentorship Signature Twelve One-on-One Lesson Plans

After each session which is about 45-60 minutes long, you will have assignment to do and Chris will check on them to ensure your full application and understanding.

You will also get the full downloadable video & sound recording of every session.

By the end of the twelve sessions, you are guaranteed to understand The 4M1S Growth Framework we created on how to analyze and value businesses listed in the stock market.

The goal is for you to live your best life through investing and growing with great businesses listed in the stock market.

  • LESSON #1 - Get Your Basics Right. Concept of value investing & options selling. Get a good foundation for proper investment decisions

  • LESSON #2 - Understand Your Psychological Influences. Master the concept of circle of competence. As well as the tools to analyze and make use of fear and greed.

  • LESSON #3 - Making Use of Fear and Greed. Understand the five indicators of fear and greed and eleven tools that we personally use to analyze companies listed in stock market.

  • LESSON #4 - Discover the Essential Six Qualitative Metric we use. The six metrics out of hundreds out there that we use most often & in our opinion is the most reliable foundation to any business qualitative analysis.

  • LESSON #5 - Discover The Essential Seven Quantitative Metric we use. The seven metrics out of hundreds out there that we use most often & in our opinion is the most reliable foundation to any business quantitative analysis.

  • LESSON #6 - Stocks Valuation Part 1. Discover The Three simple, logical & effective stock valuation methodologies we use with step by step guidance.

  • LESSON #7 - Stocks Valuation Part 2. Discover The Three simple, logical & effective stock valuation methodologies we use with step by step guidance.

  • LESSON #8 - Identify and Know How to Capitalize on The Nine types of stock investment opportunities in the stock market.

  • LESSON #9 - Portfolio Allocation & Measuring Returns. Learn The Two main portfolio allocation technique (what is best for your character and risk profile). Discover How to properly measure and benchmark your return against indexes such as S&P500 and SGX with step by step guidance.

  • LESSON #10 - Portfolio Educational Discussion with Chris. Finalizing Your Stocks Watch list of Your potential companies to buy when the price is right.

  • LESSON #11 - Putting it All Together with Superb In-Depth Understanding of Our 4M1S Growth Framework. By now, you would already know how to monitor your results and analyze and value companies listed in the stock market all on your own.

  • LESSON #12 - Discover Our Five approaches to generate profitable ideas. And by this session, you would have already bought a stock based on your own decisions using real money. You are set for life.

Three Ways We Could Transform You


Essential Life Skill

Before VIM, you could be someone with little or no experience in stocks, but after VIM, you will understand how to invest in the stock market like a Pro. An essential life skill you can use for the rest of your life. So you can live your best life with passive income.


Exclusive 1:1 Mentorship

Chris will teach you value investing and options selling 1:1 instead of in groups. We will give you assignments to do and check on it to make sure you understand how to apply before moving on to the next session.


Value for Money

A Business University Degree can cost you between SGD 30,000 - SGD 60,000. A group investing course outside can cost you in total (with upsell) between SGD 3,000 - SGD 8,000. VIM cost is reasonable, a once in a lifetime opportunity for the immense value it brings.

Two Simple Steps to Your VIM Membership



To join VIM, you must have have all of the followings:

1. Spare cash to invest (minimal SGD 30-50k at the start to at least SGD 100-200k over time)
2. Believes in looking at stocks from a business owner point of view (because that is our core teaching philosophy)
3. Experience level: Beginner/semi-experienced
4. Reason to join VIM: Want to learn to make own investment decisions (don't believe in stock tips because it is not sustainable in the long run)
5. Character: Desire to learn & patience (to make big money, we need to continually learn & have patience as businesses take time to grow)


Learn More

Learn more about VIM Mentorship by talking to Chris in Facebook, Whatsapp or Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lot of capital to start investing?

No. A good starting capital is usually around SGD 5,000. It is not a lot because, for Singapore stocks, you can buy as little as 100 stocks. For US stocks, you can buy as little as one stock. And we have many low-cost brokerages firm today like IB and TD Ameritrade etc (which recently offers zero commission on trading), so the cost of investing is really low today.

Investing seems complicated. Do I need to be very intelligent to invest in the stock market?

No. The skill to pick great companies in the stock market is learnable. Chris started with zero experience, and he learned it over time. By the way, Chris did not even finish his Business Degree in SMU. He has a Diploma in Business Administration from Singapore Polytechnic. Furthermore, we make it easy for you to learn with 1:1 learning sessions; the focus is one student at a time. Which means all your questions will be answered on the spot.

Stock investing is like gambling isn't it?

No it should not be. Many people gamble in the stock market, wanting to get rich quick. And as Warren Buffett said, gambling on stocks is a losing investment bet. We should not do it either.

Can investing help with retirement or child education?

Yes if you do it right. What Chris teaches in VIM is The 4M1S Growth Framework so you can sleep better at night, and you can use the skill for life to grow your money sustainably over time. Based on this Investopedia article, if you make saving and spending your lifelong habit, it will definitely improve the odds of a comfortable retirement for you.

Do I need to spend a lot of time to trade?

No. Chris seldom buys and sells. After the initial research, which can be done in a few hours, he buys a stock with the idea to compound the money for a long time. The key monitoring period is only every quarterly earnings or during major events.

Why should I not wait for a better time, like when I have more money or when I am older?

Chris started investing when he was only 21. He did not have much money back then. But he started anyway. As you can see from his blog, he has come a long way since. And that was because he took action to decide to invest some money and time to learn.

Based on the chart above, it is proven that given a constant annual rate of return, someone who started earlier at 25, will get almost two times more money by age 65 than someone who started later at 35.

That is the power of compounding in which Albert Einstein said is the 8th wonder of the world.

Who could benefit from VIM?

1. Working Adults/Business Owners wanting to learn stock investing for even more passive income on top of their other sources of active or passive income. And they want to learn effectively and exclusively with personalized human guidance.

2. Anyone who wants to see sustainable results in their investment journey through real human guidance. Many people who attend courses outside ends up not taking action because there is no one on one accountability through a mentor. VIM is different, the focus is on personalized mentorship.

Any up-selling?

No. Courses outside might do up-selling, but with VIM, there will be no further up-selling. This way, you are assured that this is the only investment you will make in your learning. VIM Mentorship is probably the last investing course you are going to take (because of it's comprehensiveness).

Where can I learn more about Chris ?

You can learn more about his track records and investment philosophies in his Re-ThinkWealth blog.

How do I know if VIM is suitable for me?

Learn more about VIM Mentorship by talking to Chris in Facebook, Whatsapp or Telegram.

Don't Wait. Trust Me, Get Started NOW. Proper Stock Investing is Learnable. Learn Once and Invest Properly For The Rest of Your Life. Including In The Current COVID-19 Stock Market Opportunity!

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