The Value Investing Mentorship Club (VIM) - An Exclusive 1:1 Value Investing & Options Selling Course

How would you like to have me PERSONALLY MENTOR YOU 1:1 acting as your personal coach, giving you EVERYTHING you need to generate consistent passive income through value investing and options selling?

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What Sherwin, VP & Head for Business Planning at Prudential Singapore [Previously Head of GrabCar Plus] Say About The VIM 1:1 Course with Me...

"The VIM is a comprehensive and condense course in which it skips through all the “Fluff” you see on the internet and goes directly into the key information that we need to make an informed investment decision. It is not just a programme whereby the instructor would take 2-3 days to impart to you the knowledge about investment. It is a 12 lesson programme whereby the instructor Chris would guide you throughout and ensure that you apply what you have learned after the end of each session. He ensures that you fully understand the concepts and walking through with you your mistakes. Each month, Chris will publish a write up on a company, how he analyses it and his opinion of it which further enhances our learning as you could see that what he had taught is placed into practice. Chris takes pride and is patient in his teachings and makes your monies worth."

Jian Wei

Management Associate



Sign up for our 45 minutes 1:1 strategy session first!

I cannot just accept anyone. You need to first sign up for our strategy trial session. It will cost you 47 USD for a 45 minutes session with Chris Lee Susanto, Founder of VIM.


Experience how I conduct my 1:1 session in the strategy session

In the 1:1 strategy trial session, you will experience how I conduct my online sessions and you will be able to understand more on the full benefits and cost of the full VIM course.


Make an informed decision! :)

Only after the strategy trial 1:1 session, you will judge whether this course is suitable for you or not. The VIM course pricing after the strategy session, if you decide to join, starts at 97 SGD per month.


Exclusive Global Value Investing Club

To build a High Quality and closely knitted value investing Community and Effective course, I can only accept at most 2 or 3 new students every month.

Save Time With VIM Checklist & Calculator

You will be able to access my personal checklist and calculators that I used to value stocks. It is to aid you in deciding Exactly at what price to buy and sell your stocks at.

1:1 Focused Teaching Attention

Probably the First and Only value investing and options selling club and course in the World that can teach you on an Exclusive 1:1 basis for Maximum Transformation.

Generate Consistent Passive Income

Knowing how to invest in stocks in a business like way is an Essential life skill that everyone must learn. Start building your first million dollar portfolio today.

Flexible Learning Schedule

This course is Perfect for Busy Individuals with little spare time. The twelve 1:1 lessons are all done online live at a schedule that is suitable for you. Super Flexible.

New Stock Case Study For You Every Month

Every month, there will be New Stock Case Study video of a company. You can see the exact methods of how I analyze different companies every single month.

"Chris's Exclusive 1:1 Mentorship has changed my life financially for the better. So far I have made over 20% in just 1 stock that I invested in. The profit that I got easily covered multiple times the fees I invested in the club. He is a passionate value investor and it is evident in the work that he put in for his members."

Jess Liu

Executive Director, DBS Private Banking

Hello, my name is Chris Founder of and The VIM Club!

"I am going to be one the best investors the world have ever seen."

Having to drop out of Singapore Management University due to family reasons in which I had to help out on my family business, I was devastated that I could not embark on an investing career.

I'm the Founder of Re-ThinkWealth & Lead Trainer at The Value Investing Mentorship Club™.

So how did I survive? Fortunately, I have a passion. That passion is in stock investing.

I had already learned a lot about stock investing, specifically value investing and options selling, through experience & different mentors (real life and in books [a personal favourite being The Intelligent Investor]) all before 21.

By 21, I had already started investing in Singapore and U.S. stock market utilizing value investing & options selling strategies.

By 22, I established - a blog where I often share value investing insights and options strategies.

It is also an avenue for me to write down my thoughts on stock investing using value principles and to share it with like-minded friends.

Because I knew that it could get hard to track our thoughts if we do not have a proper avenue to write it down.

I share my stock investment track records at for all to see.

The reason is that I want to be remembered first and foremost as a rational investor that makes consistent money in the long run.

So I am honest about my successes and mistakes.

By 24, I am already managing over US$150K, compounded through value investing and options selling.

I am currently managing a value-focused six-figure portfolio.

And in the future, my goal is to set up a sustainable and successful eight to nine-figure equity fund focusing on value investing and options selling finding opportunities globally.

What Matthew, A Project Manager Say About The VIM 1:1 Course with Me...

Join VIM & Be Connected With Not Just Me, But Also Your VIM Club™ Community Managers

Kevin is currently an Associate Director in the Portfolio Strategy and Risk Group within Temasek. Prior to his current role, he spent 4 years working in the Financial Institutions Coverage Team in Standard Chartered Bank.

Kevin is also the Co-Founder of VersatileQ Pte Ltd (a boutique FX and economic research firm based in Singapore), Advisor to XSQ Global Pte Ltd (a Blockchain Infrastructure and Advisory Firm) and Co-curator of TEDxSingapore.

He graduated with a Bachelors in Accountancy (1st Class) from NTU and is concurrently a CFA, FRM, CAIA and CA holder.

Kevin Lim

Associate Director, Temasek

Hansen is an investor, entrepreneur and a second generation family member of his family business back in Indonesia. He manages nearly a million dollar portfolio focusing mainly on US dividend stocks employing value investing philosophies.

Hansen Bun

Founder, Dividend Growth Bunny

Bryan is an analyst at an investment firm. Having completed all three levels of the CFA examinations, he is currently in the process of gaining work experience to be a CFA charterholder.

Bryan Wang

Investment Analyst

Brian Halim is a working professional in the banking industry and has an accounting and finance experience of over 12 years. He also manages his own investment fund and chronicles his journey in his blog which he uses to articulate and justify his purchases. As of 2019, his portfolio is worth close to a million. He hopes to be financially independent at the age of 35.

Brian Halim

Founder, Financial Freedom Forever Blog

What Gavin, A Financial Advisor Say About The VIM 1:1 Course with Me...

Course Curriculum

In my course, you will learn a proven close-to-a-century-old stock investing method called value investing.

It is a method founded by two Columbia Business School professors called Benjamin Graham and David Dodd back in 1934. Popularized & used by Benjamin Graham's student, Warren Buffett to become the world's third richest person.

And as a bonus, I will also teach you the little known secret that Warren Buffett uses to make Billions. That secret is called options selling.

More VIM Students Speak Out...

Don't take it from me, hear it from my students!

"I've been joining Chris's class for more than a year now and i have profit between 20-40% of my stocks already and the best thing about chris's class is how simple he taught me about stocks. You don't need to be smart or anything, all you need to do is follow Chris's methods and it works for me!


Advisor at Aurora Asset Management

"As part of my journey to learn about value investing, I came across Chris’s profile and joined his program to learn about options trading. Chris gave a step by step guidance and answered all my questions to give me the confidence to enter my first trade. His teaching of value investing and options trading is grounded with case studies and live teaching. I would recommend Chris and his VIM program for those looking for that edge."

Russell N

Real Estate Fund Manager

"Despite having >15yrs stock invest experience, I needed 1:1 guidance to stay focused in order to learn more about value investing. Chris's newsletters and his personalized training can be of great help to beginners & matured investors."


Quality Manager from Leading US Semiconductor MNC

Don't Delay - VIM Course Packs The Most VALUE!

This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to learn directly under me with my exclusive 1:1 lesson framework. Or continue learning online or through books or group courses outside where they cannot guarantee as effective a learning as 1:1.


"I have been working with Chris around value investing. And I find the 1:1 mentorship with him very productive because it guides me through the different steps."

Sherwin, VP & Head for Business Planning at Prudential Singapore [Previously Head of GrabCar Plus]

This is NOT a course for everyone

Not for those who "just want to get the fish" (get stock tips) [dangerous].Not for those who wants the "get rich quick" secret sauce (there are none). Definitely not for those who are lazy to learn and make their own investment decisions.

A course where you get the WHOLE "fishing rod"

This is an Exclusive 1:1 course for you if you are interested in learning "how to fish" (how to make your own stock picking decision using value investing) [more sustainable for you over the long run].

"I have been working with Chris around value investing. And I find the 1:1 mentorship with him very productive because it guides me through the different steps. So even though I attended courses, I find that I still needed guidance to take actual action. To be able to have those discussions, to have my thought challenged, to tap on his knowledge and to get his perspective on different stocks. I thought that was helpful."


VP & Head for Business Planning at Prudential Singapore [Previously Head of GrabCar Plus]

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It will cost you 47 USD for a strategy session with Chris.

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  • Learn more about value investing
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  • Learn more about the full VIM Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want you to feel comfortable. Here are a few common questions that prospective students will usually ask.

I am a complete beginner, is this course suitable for me?

This course is created especially for complete beginners. I will start by covering the basics and slowly through the sessions, we will progress to cover the nitty gritty details of value investing and options selling. I will teach you on an exclusive 1:1 basis until you understand and be able to apply everything that I taught you.

Will I get stock tips?

No. You will not get a single stock tips as my focus is on teaching you until you can make you own decisions in the stock market. I will teach you "how to fish" instead of giving you the fish. It is more sustainable for you this way.

I am busy. Will this course takes a lot of time?

No. The twelve 1:1 sessions will be conducted over the course of six months. one session every two weeks. The reason for the two weeks gap is because after each session, I will give you assignments for you to apply what you had learnt and I will check in on you and check your assignments. Doing assignments will take time, this will allow you to also practice patience. It will all done with flexibility through online zoom calls. You will have the full downloadable video recording of every session for revision purpose.

How are you different than other group courses that teach value investing and options selling?

Our course is exclusively 1:1 for complete beginners in value investing and options selling. While others are group courses.

Do we need to meet in person?

For the course, no. But I do meet with my students sometimes for coffee and gatherings.

So after the course, I will be able to make my own decisions on which stocks to buy and sell and at what price?

Yes because I will keep you accountable that you fully understand through assignments and quizzes on an exclusive 1:1 basis!

So how do I join?

Do not just join. Sign up for the 47 USD strategy session first. If there is a right fit, then I will pass you the link to sign up for the full VIM course.

In summary, what will I be getting?

Transformational life-changing value investing course Learned Effectively 1:1. With the emphasis on NOT on giving stock tips but on Passing you the tools so you can understand and make your own stock investing decision. Learn how to generate consistent passive income for the rest of your life -- with me to educate you 1:1 in applying the value investing & options selling knowledge you learnt.

For urgent enquiries, feel free to WHATSAPP OUR HOTLINE TODAY: (+65) 8394 6824

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