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Discover how you can achieve a solid return of 10 - 18% every single year utilizing value investing & options selling strategy + 1 to 1 mentorship with chris.

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"Being a member of RWOA.io VIM Club has changed my life financially for the better. Chris is a passionate value investor and it is evident in the work that he put in for his members. So far I have made over 20% in just 1 stock that I invested in - which easily covered multiple times the fees I invested in Chris’s mentorship program." - Jess Liu, Executive Director, DBS Treasury & Markets

Who is RWOA.io VIM Club for?

-> For the busy professional or business owner or graduates of outside investment courses who have not been able to apply the knowledge they learnt.

-> For people who had some investment experience but is not satisfied with their investment results so far.

-> For people who still want to make their own decision on which stock to buy and sell and at what price but looking for a partner to bounce ideas with.

-> For people who can spare at least 2 hours per week to focus on improving their investment knowledge and results.

-> For people who have spare cash to invest and looking to continuously learn apply the best way to utilize them through stock investing - The Buffett Way.

Who is RWOA.io VIM Club Not for?

-> Not for people who are looking for stock tips.

-> Not for people who wants the "get rich quick" secret sauce - because there are none.

-> Not for people who are lazy to learn and make their own investment decisions.

-> Not for people who have zero time every week to learn.

-> Not for complete beginners.

What is RWOA.io VIM Club?

An exclusive club where you get 1-to-1 value investing mentorship with Chris complete with the tools you need to save you time and improve your investment result.

The purpose of the club is for members to achieve better investment returns utilizing the right value investing & options selling mindset & strategies.

You will be taught privately by Chris, founder at Re-ThinkWealth.com - who had achieved 21.56% annual compounded gain from the moment he started investing in U.S. stock market.

From The Desk of Chris Lee Susanto
Chris Lee Pte Ltd
Monday Morning 10:52am

Hi everyone, it's Chris.

When I was around 21 years of age, I started to fall in love with value investing which is a proven stock investing methodology used by the world's richest and most successful individuals like Warren Buffett (USD 85.5B as of 31 March 2018).

So what I did was that...

I invested about SGD 3,300 to attend a 4 day value investing course (suprise! No I did not learn from scratch. I used the course as a shortcut to start my journey of lifelong education through experience and further reading).

That was when I found the value of investing in a lifelong education!

Sometime after I attended the course...

I started investing in U.S. and SG stock market with my 4 figure savings that I saved from my part time work in sales (I worked hard and saved a lot).

I started to make money in more than 90% of the stocks I bought and sold by using this value investing method.

And I started to also pen down my investment journey in a personal blog at www.re-thinkwealth.com.

You can check out some of my writings there (go ahead! www.re-thinkwealth.com).

I pen down my thoughts and results there, out of pure passion in investing (not joking! My hobby is reading annual reports).

Throughout the years, I made lots of money as a teenager who simply follows a proven structure known as value investing when deciding which stocks to buy and sell.

And at what price to buy and sell them at.

So I turned my asset under management from a 4 figure to a 6 figure in about two years time from 2015 to 2017.

And throughout my experience so far...

I have come to realize that stock investing is definitely not gambling unlike what most people would think.

What do you think stock investing is really about?

To me, it is simply a structured process of knowing what business we understand, sticking to the business we understand, analyzing that business and valuing it.

Then, managing our emotions by being patient. In investing, often inaction beats action.

And of course, knowing the what we don't know is crucial.

Over the years, many people start asking me to teach them stock investing.

More specifically, teach them value investing.

Why so?

Value investing is simply put, probably one of the safest active kind of stock investment methodology out there with the highest return.

I like to invest in beaten down stocks that I understand.

Somehow... it usually pays a huge dividend (but well and safely covered by ample free cash flows).

Usually, that also gives me an opportunity to do options selling which gives me a huge options premium through selling puts and calls along the way.

U.S. stock market is the place to be.

By total market capitalization, number of trading activities and other factors such as transparency and corporate governance, U.S. stock market consistently ranks number 1 in the world.


There are a lot of bad people out there who flaunt the U.S. stock market as a way to get rich quick.

I want to implore to everyone that... it is NOT.

There are 4 principles that I want to impart - when I educate ...

#1 Never ever borrow money to invest.

#2 I do not give you stock tips - instead, I teach you how to make your own decision on which stocks to buy, when to buy them and when to sell them - you take full accountability (more sustainable for YOU over the long run).

#3 Knowing our circle of competence is more important than how big our circle is... key is on deciding what companies or sectors to invest in

#4 Importance of margin of safety

So after careful consideration... I decided to start a club to cater to my intentions above.

In the 2017 beta version of the first VIM (value investing mentorship) (without an online all-in-one seamless membership platform and personalised coaching service aspect), 37 people trusted me and joined because they like my investment thought process that I displayed over the years via my personal blog re-thinkwealth.com - and they are still a member today as of June 2018.

Over time, I made improvements to the VIM initiative. When I first launched the new and final VIM in 2018 - re-branded as the RWOA.io VIM Club membership, 4 people already joined with 0 marketing dollars spent on my part.

What is inside RWOA.io VIM Club Membership?

Key benefits summary:
Continuous and accountable learning. Monthly check-ins. Learn on the go with the online platform [ios app & desktop]. New contents every week. Specific ideas discussion through multiple 1-to-1 session with Chris, founder at re-thinkwealth.com

In Total, You Get 23 Benefits:

1. All in one membership portal that you can access across any device you own (that will contain all the weekly and monthly benefits that you will have as a member) - valued at 1,000 SGD

- Benefit? Saves you time with a one-stop location that stores all the new and updated contents passed to you.

2. My personal stock investing checklist - valued at 1,800 SGD

- Benefit? Give you a structured look into how I analyse my stocks.

3. Warren Buffett stock investing checklist - valued at 400 SGD

4. RWOA.io Starter Guide to Value Investing and Options Selling - valued at 2,700 SGD

- Benefit? Give you a structured look into how I view value investing and options selling.

5. RWOA.io XIRR excel sheet to measure your returns - valued at 200 SGD

- Benefit? Give you a structured look into how I track my returns.

6. Weekly value investing insight - valued at 1,300 SGD

- Benefit? Weekly bit sized information that will take you less than 5 minutes each week to digest. Actionable and saves you time.

7. Monthly premium value investing newsletter (1 new stock case study per month (split into 4 sections: chosen company, company analysis, competitors analysis, determine valuation & conclusion)) - valued at 2,700 SGD

- Benefit? An in depth research process of a single stock that will allow you to see what are the specific business metrics that I use for what kind of stock, what it means and how I applied it. It also gives you a deep look into my thinking process that you can model after if suitable and of course, allow you to learn from my mistake - so you can save time and money.

8. Monthly stock case study recorded video - valued at 1,200 SGD

9. Top 10 most promising stocks of the month on my watchlist - valued at 2,600 SGD

10. My current stock holdings details - valued at 1,500 SGD

11. My investment performance and reflection - valued at 1,600 SGD

12. Members only Telegram chatroom - valued at 1,400 SGD

13. Members only Facebook community - valued at 1,400 SGD

- Benefit? Allow you to make friends with like-minded people and allows instant communication with each other.

14. Personalized certificate of membership with a unique serial number - valued at 500 SGD

15. Unlimited 24/7 coaching via my personal email - valued at 1,700 SGD

- Benefit? For lengthy idea discussions.

16. Monthly group case study coaching - valued at 1,400 SGD

- Benefit? Allow you to apply what you learn along with me.

17. Gain access to all past months' contents - valued at 1,800 SGD

1-to-1 Mentorship with Chris

18. Unlimited 24/7 coaching via WhatsApp or Telegram - valued at 2,000 SGD

- Benefit? Quick reply from me.

19. 8 sessions a year of Accelerated 1-to-1 30 minutes coaching call (Skype or Zoom) - valued at 5,600 SGD

- Benefit? For any questions you may have. I will do screen sharing with you.

20. Monthly coaching call/check-ins - valued at 10,000 SGD

- Benefit? Ensures accountability.

21. Quarterly educational performance review - valued at 3,600 SGD
- Benefit? Too often people take courses or commit to be more serious in crafting their investment knowledge to the next level but too busy to do so. I am here to constantly remind you to take action in learning constantly to become a better investor by analysing your learning journey.

22. Teach you how to sell calls and puts options until you can understand & apply it yourself - valued at 3,000 SGD

- Benefit? You can get additional monthly or weekly income ontop of dividends and capital gains.

23. 2X 1-to-1 physical meetups in Singapore (Coffee on me) - valued at 5,600 SGD

Why RWOA.io VIM Club is Different?

#1. Let's face it... I know that when you signed up for stock investment courses outside, you may not apply the knowledge you learnt.

That is even though you already paid thousands of dollars for the course.


Because nobody is guiding you and keeping you accountable (so you go back to your day to day life and waste the money you spent for the course - because you did not apply it).

My mentorship (renewable yearly) ensures accountability.

I promise I will consistently remind and check up on you.

With the mentorship, I will be able to review your stock analysis and give feedback.

With outside courses or other online courses, there is not enough human factor to guide you to really apply the knowledge you learnt from courses or websites.

It's because outside courses have thousands of existing graduates and the teacher might not be able to take care of so many people's queries after the course).

I know, I've been there.

That is where my mentorship program comes in as I give you the "human touch point" - me! to discuss specific stock ideas you have in mind.

#2. People are busy.

I save your time by curating and analysing the facts that matter for you to make your own decision in the stock market.

Do not let your job/business interfere with your financial freedom.

Leverage on my mentorship to cover your lack of time.

#3. I do not upsell.

There are companies out there who will consistently and annoyingly upsell you other more "premium" products.

I will not.

So you can be rest assured that when you sign up for this club, I promise that you are signing up for peace of mind.

My Promise to You

If you join RWOA.io VIM Club, my promise to you is that you will save time and get potentially 10X better returns from the spare cash that you have sitting in the bank left untouched or utilized poorly via making the wrong investment decisions - which stemmed from you using the wrong investment framework & mindsets.

With love & respect,

Chris Lee Susanto

Founder at Re-ThinkWealth.com

Partner at Re-ThinkWealth Online Academy (RWOA.io)

Your Instructor

Chris Lee Susanto
Chris Lee Susanto
Chris started investing in Singapore and U.S. stock market utilizing value investing& options selling strategies when he was just 21 years old. He is 25 years old this year.

In the year 2015 at just the age of 22, he established Re-ThinkWealth.com - a blog where he often shares USA based value investing insights and options strategies.

He also guests blog in renowned U.S. fund focused investing websites such as Value Walk and Singapore investing sites such as The New Savvy, Investment Moats, Forever Financial Freedoom and Dollars and Sense.

In 2017, he was invited to share his insights on the art of value investing for students from Strategos in NUS Tembusu College and on entrepreneurship and investment for a graduating Diploma in Business cohort at Singapore Polytechnic.

In 2018, he was invited to be a mentor in the Youth Innovation Challenge organised by Singapore Management University (SMU) Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and to Singapore Polytechnic to talk to a group of graduating Banking students on How Traditional Investments Vechicle/System Will Be Further Disrupted by Fintech.

On top of that, he often conducts his own personal closed group sharing session for some of his students (usually free of charge).

As of the end of quarter 2 of 2018, he manages a U.S. stocks six-figure portfolio making 21.56% annually (capital gains + dividends + options premiums) (tracked starting from 1 March 2015 on a quarterly basis).

His focus today is on running Re-ThinkWealth Online Academy VIM Club well and deliver Alpha sustainably.

Class Curriculum

  Benefit #2 - Weekly Actionable Value Investing Insight
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days after you enroll
  Where You Can Go From Here
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Results Never Lie.

“... RWOA.io VIM Club is a great platform for like-minded value investors to come together and share insights. It has also expanded my investing knowledge and boost my confidence in putting theory into action. Chris is passionate and dedicated as a personal mentor and help people achieve their financial goals.”

- Darren Lau, System Analyst , FJ Benjamin

"I recommend that everyone signs up for RWOA.io VIM Club because I can safely say that Chris is someone who will genuinely educate you on your own pace to become successful in stock investing. He does not paint you with unrealistic expectations and is very patient in guiding you month after month."

- Yusfebri Mianta, Analyst Satellite Office Support, Rio Tinto Group

“I am learning stock investing using value investing methodology from Chris. He could answer any questions that I have well thought out details. His monthly newsletter which comes under the RWOA.io VIM Club membership can provide me insights that I could learn in choosing the correct company...” - Vincent Tatan, Software Engineer (Mainframe and Core Processing) at Visa

“... Chris is always sincere and positive in guiding me. Being introduced to the world of investing by Chris, I assimilate that patience, hard work and discipline are imperative to be successful. Nothing comes free and easy. Chris has been very generous in sharing his investment portfolio, strategy and wisdom with me...” - Jackson Pay, HR Executive, Fu Yu Corporation Limited

“Chris does not give you stock tips but instead, teach you the specific skills you need to make your own buy or sell decisions on stocks. Truly an exceptional mentor!” - Leonard Tan, Entrepreneur

“...By just few days, I gained lots of knowledge that has raised my confidence to put my money into stocks. Chris is a very kind mentor, I feel so lucky that I can know Chris. He always helps me even though I asked tons of questions almost every day..." - Matthew Adrian, CEO at Shipmall

“...Every month, I look forward to receiving Chris's mentorship & monthly pvin (premium value investing newsletter).” - Ken Tan, Associate Senior Marketing Director , Huttons Asia

"... Chris’s mentorship has helped me improve my understanding of value investing. His detailed analysis about companies has given me the opportunity to whether a company is undervalued and worth investing. Furthermore, I like the fact that he is transparent about his stock portfolio position giving me guidance what companies is on sale." - Hansen Bun, Founder at Dividend Bunny

Here are 3 specific deliverable that you can expect when you are a part of the club:

1. Brokerage account set up succesfully

2. Creating your own personal stocks watch-list (filled with company you want to buy when you know the price is right)

3. You buying your first stock using the confident decision that you have made yourself on which stock to buy and why you bought it

This course is not open for enrollment.

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I will answer all questions you may have about the membership that I did not cover in this page. Please schedule a call only if you are serious about joining the club.

Thank you.

"... he's impressed me with his knowledge of the finance world - particularly value investing and options selling - and I have found his investing newsletter to be very informative..." - Tom Estad, Academic Director, SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme at Singapore Management University

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