Advanced: Elite U.S. Stock Mentorship (for The Busy Professionals) with Chris Lee Susanto, a Top Singapore Based Value Investor

Chris achieved 28.97% annual return (as of end Q417) from the U.S. market. Invest in his mentorship, get more returns & change your life for the better today!

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“RWOA.io provides end-to-end services for people with little or no experience in value investing!! The community is indeed a great platform for like-minded value investors to come together and share insights. It has also expanded my investing knowledge and boost my confidence in putting theory into action. Chris is passionate and dedicated as a personal mentor and help people achieve their financial goals.”

- Darren Lau, System Analyst , FJ Benjamin

Hi everyone, my name is Chris. Nice to meet you. I hope to be able to talk to you real soon in person over a call. I am 25 years old this year, when I was around 21 years of age, I started to fall in love with value investing which is essentially a proven stock investing methodology used by the world's richest and most successful individuals like Warren Buffett.

So what I did was that I invested about SGD 3,300 to attend a 4 day value investing course in which I found the value of investing in a lifelong education.

Sometime after I attended the course, I started investing in U.S. and SG stock market with my 4 figure savings that I saved from my part time work in sales.

I made money in more than 90% of the stocks I bought and sold by using this value investing method.

And I started to also pen down my investment journey in a personal blog at www.re-thinkwealth.com. You can check out some of my writings there. I pen down my thoughts and results there, out of pure passion in investing.

Throughout the years, I made lots of money as a teenager who simply follows a proven structure when deciding which stocks to buy and sell.

I turned my asset under management from a 4 figure to a 6 figure in about two years time. I foresee it turning 7 figure soon.

I have come to realize that stock investing is definitely not gambling unlike what most people would think. It is simply a structured process of knowing what business we understand, sticking to the business we understand, analyzing that business and valuing it. Then, managing our emotions by being patient. In investing, often inaction beats action. But the knowledge part is crucial before we even put a penny in the stock market.

Over the years, many people start asking me to teach them stock investing. And many people who are into trading and not investing, also ask me to teach them stock investing. More specifically, teach them value investing. Why so? Value investing is simply put, probably one of the safest active kind of stock investment methodology out there with the highest return.

My return as of quarter 4 of 2017 (I track my results quarterly), is 28.97% annual compounded return. The reason it is so high is because I like to invest in beaten down stocks that I understand that pay a huge dividend and provide a huge options premium through selling puts and calls along the way.

This can only happen through investing in U.S. stocks (which is my specialty) as it allows the selling of options to get premium and the vastness of companies in U.S. stock market with huge competitive advantage and plentiful opportunities to buy great companies at a cheap price relative to the business value.

So anyway, I decided to teach whatever I know to anyone who will invest a small fee. While most companies would charge in the range of SGD 3,000 for a few days of course, I decided that I should charge lesser for a whole year of mentorship instead of a few days. I also decided to do it by leveraging on the technology of this membership platform that will contain all the information and tools my students can leverage on. And I will add a personal touch too via WhatsApp and Skype weekly calls during the first 4-8 weeks and a monthly call after that.

Who is this for:

For the busy professionals who have spare cash to invest but do not have a lot of time to shortlist and analyse stocks because they are too busy (although they have some stock investing/trading experience before).

The key reason why I created this mentorship program is:

1) I know that when people signed up for a few day of stock investment courses outside, they may not apply the knowledge they learnt because nobody is guiding them and keeping them accountable (so they go back to their day to day life and waste the money they spent for the course). My yearly mentorship ensures accountability and guidance at a fraction of the cost of courses outside. With the mentorship, I will be able to review your stock analysis and give feedback.

2) People who are busy earning active income outside would not have the time to research on facts to aid them in shortlisting stocks to potentially analyse and invest. I save their time by curating and analysing the facts for good companies with good competitive advantage for them (through my monthly stock case study and top 10 stocks in my watchlist for the month).

3) I know that when people signed up for online courses outside be it free or paid, there is not enough human factor to guide them to really apply the knowledge they learnt (because outside courses have thousands of existing graduates and the teacher might not be able to take care of so many people's queries after the course). That is where my mentorship program comes in as I give them the "human touch point" to discuss stock ideas 24/7 that could potentially multiply their investment returns (able to be done because I limit my mentorship members to 50 pax (for advance plus).

Who is this for:

For the busy professionals who have spare cash to invest but do not have a lot of time to shortlist and analyse stocks because they are too busy (although they have some stock investing/trading experience before).

In essence here are some of the benefits you will receive if you join me today:

1. Accelerated weekly 1-to-1 coaching call (WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype) for first the first 4 - 8 weeks to achieve your chosen value investing educational goal (and for us to know each other more to kickstart the mentorship program) - For Advance and Advance Plus Membership

Note: If you are not free in the first 4 - 8 weeks after signing up, we can reschedule the 4 - 8 weekly coaching call at a date range of your convenience.

2. Access to the top 10 most promising U.S. stocks in my personal watchlist (updated monthly)

3. Monthly 1-to-1 call/check-ins with me (WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype) - For Advance Plus Membership

4. Monthly premium value investing newsletter written by me (exclusively for members of my mentorship) that consist of 1 new U.S. stock case study

5. A new recorded video of the monthly U.S. stock analysis every month

6. My personal checklist to analyse and value U.S. stocks

7. Unlimited 24/7 coaching via my personal Email - I will be able to review your stock analysis and give feedback

8. Unlimited 24/7 coaching via my WhatsApp - For Advance and Advance Plus Membership

9. Members only WhatsApp Chat Room - For Advance and Advance Plus Membership

10. Members only Facebook Community

11. Personalized certificate of membership - For Advance and Advance Plus Membership

12. 1-to-1 guidance for things like: opening a stock brokerage account, picking a stock to analyse, how to analyse and value them using proven valuation methodologies and going through your stock analysis with you and educate you to make your own investment decision (and many more!)

13. 2X 1-to-1 physical meetups in Singapore - For Advance Plus Membership

14. All in one membership portal that you can access across any device you own (that will contain all the weekly and monthly benefits that you will have as a member)

Your investment is only SGD 1,597 a year (For Advance Plus Membership - sums up to only SGD 4+ a day), SGD 997 a year (For Advance Membership), SGD 77 a month (For Advance Lite Membership) if you join before the official launch date of 16 April 2018.

After 16 April 2018, it is SGD 3,997 a year (For Advance Plus Membership), SGD 1597 a year (For Advance Membership), SGD 97 a month (For Advance Lite Membership).

The Advance Plus is limited to only 50 people, Advance is limited to 200 people, so grab it fast!

Feel free to schedule a call with me and ask me any questions that you may have. This program is not for everyone.

With love & respect,

Chris Lee Susanto

Editor in Chief of Re-ThinkWealth.com

Strategic Thinker of RWOA.io

"I recommend that everyone signs up for mentorship with Chris because I can safely say that Chris is someone who will genuinely educate you on your own pace to become successful in stock investing. He does not paint you with unrealistic expectations and is very patient in guiding you month after month."

- Yusfebri Mianta, Analyst Satellite Office Support, Rio Tinto Group

Your Instructor

Chris Lee Susanto
Chris Lee Susanto

Hey there! My name is Chris and I'm an investor and mentor passionate about value investing - a proven stock investing methodology. I've been interested in value investing since I was 21 years of age and have been doing it full-time, managing a six-figure portfolio for over three years making 28.97% annually as of end Q417.

I've seen hundreds (if not thousands!) of people just like you who have some spare cash but do not know how to use it to invest safely and profitably in the stock market. I've learned what works and what doesn't, and how to make the smallest mindset and method tweaks to send profits through the roof.

So please join me as I create change at RWOA.io - Your Investment for a Better Future.

Class Curriculum

  4. MONTHLY Stock Case Study/Analysis Recorded Video
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Where You Can Go From Here
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course/mentorship for?
For you who are keen to be financially free.
When does the course/mentorship start and finish?
The mentorship starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced mentorship - you decide when you start and when you finish.
So I will be paying for this membership every year if I join?
At the amount you are investing for my mentorship, you are getting a bargain! Every week, there is fresh content for you. Every month, there is fresh content for you. And you can APPLY all these contents in your investing journey that could potentially make you multiples times your investment in this course/mentorship.
How long do I have access to this platform and course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this platform for as long as you remain a paying member - across any and all devices you own.
Chris, how do I know if I can trust you as a value investing education mentor?
Look at my past track records at Re-ThinkWealth.com.

BONUS 1: I will teach you how to use options selling to potentially gain 15%-30% annually on top of your capital gains and dividends (for advance and advance plus members).

BONUS 2: Gain access to all my previous months' premium value investing newsletter (inclusive of the monthly U.S. stock case study and videos) and past top 10 stocks in my watchlist.

Still not sure if this mentorship is right for you? Arrange a free 30-minute strategy call session with me and ask me anything.

Recent Testimonials From My Current Students

“The Monthly Newsletter which is a Part of The ELITE mentorship with Chris is very comprehensive. The Content is Well Organised and Serves as Useful Advice, be it on Value Investment Strategies or Stock Picks. I’m pleased to Have Signed Up and Looks Forward to It Every Month.” - Leonard Tan, Entrepreneur

“Chris is a genuine person who is passionate about educating his students about value investing. Every month, I look forward to receiving his monthly newsletter.” - Ken Tan, Associate Senior Marketing Director , Huttons Asia

“I am learning stock investing using value investing methodology from Chris. Chris could answer any questions that I have well thought out details. His monthly newsletter under ELITE One-To-One mentorship can provide me insights that I could learn in choosing the correct company. I look forward to learning more from Chris.” - Vincent Tatan, Software Engineer (Mainframe and Core Processing) at Visa

“I’ve just started my investing journey with Chris. Despite being a curious, doubtful and meticulous person, Chris is always sincere and positive in guiding me. Being introduced to the world of investing by Chris, I assimilate that patience, hard work and discipline are imperative to be successful. Nothing comes free and easy. Chris has been very generous in sharing his investment portfolio, strategy and wisdom with me. Chris had already past me the tools of his trade, ultimately it is up to me to make things happened. I’m sincerely grateful and fortunate to learn from him. I still have a long way to go and I’m sure Chris is always available when I require assistance.” - Jackson Pay, HR Executive, Fu Yu Corporation Limited

“I never regret of my decision to join as Chris’s student. Even though I just joined recently, I have learned a lot from Chris. By just few days, I gained lots of knowledge that has raised my confidence to put my money into stocks. Chris is a very kind mentor, I feel so lucky that I can know Chris. He always helps me even though I asked tons of questions almost every day. Joining this program will be a very good start for anyone who wants to join. I definitely recommend this platform. DON’T HOLD YOURSELF, START NOW AND YOU WILL BE AN AMAZING INVESTOR THAT YOU WILL NEVER IMAGINE BEFORE!” - Matthew Adrian, Student and Startup Founder

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