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Recently, I was reading through Warren Buffett's annual letters and one way that he judges the financial strength of the company he invested in - BNSF - is via using the interest coverage ratio taking the earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) and divide it by interest.

Image source: Source: Berkshire Hathaway 2016 Letter

So I thought that this is a good measure of financial strength and I want to share it with you guys for this week's value investing insight.

Let's do a case study:

Case study #1: Kraft Heinz
Kraft Heinz EBIT to interest ratio is 5.48. So it is generally safe.

Case study #2: Grand Canyon Education
Grand Canyon Education EBIT to interest ratio is 77.79. It is extremely safe.

Let's do a review of the two top stocks I have in my holdings.

Review #1: Qualcomm
Qualcomm as of January 2018, do not pay any interest - instead, it receives interest income of $324M.
Review #2: GameStop
GameStop EBIT to interest ratio is 2.46. It is not in danger of defaulting on its payment but it deserves a closer look - because the EBIT to interest ratio for GameStop had dropped from 10.54 in January 2017.

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Chris Lee Susanto

Hey there! My name is Chris and I'm an investor and mentor passionate about value investing - a proven stock investing methodology. I've been interested in value investing since I was 21 years of age and have been doing it full-time, managing a six-figure portfolio for over three years making 18.21% annually (as of end Q118 from 1 March 2015).

I've seen hundreds (if not thousands!) of people just like you who have some spare cash but do not know how to use it to invest safely and profitably in the stock market. I've learned what works and what doesn't, and how to make the smallest mindset and method tweaks to send profits through the roof.

So please join me as I create change at RWOA.io - Your Investment for a Better Future.

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